Art & design by
Matthew Laskowski


Whenever I start a new background or illustration in Photoshop, I open a file I made for myself containing different perspective grid setups for typical 1, 2, and 3 point armatures, and duplicate the one I need into my new artwork. This is an old-school method of constructing grids using 99-point star vector-objects and free-transforms to get them wherever you need them to be. Low-tech, easy, spontaneous, free!

This method is like using dumb traditional tools, like a ruler, or a french curve. Using it effectively will depend on your fundamental skills with perspective as a prerequisite. There’s nothing wrong with using the assistive tools in apps like Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, or Lazy Nezumi! But, if you’ve ever wanted to build on your core fundamentals in perspective drawing, learning how to plan and draw perspective with dumb tools like these can help!

Download at the button below and hope you find this file useful, or at the very least, a little time saving!

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