Art & design by
Matthew Laskowski


matthew m. laskowski,
illustrator and background artist

“Plastic Shards” is the creative outlet for myself, Matt Laskowski, an illustrator living and working in Los Angeles as a background designer artist for animation.

My work is characterized by my understanding of perspective, architecture, and detail, enhanced with a touch of storytelling.

I have over 8 years experience working professionally in design and animation studio environments, and are familiar with standard industry workflows, work well with teams, positively receive and implement feedback, and have a fully outfitted home office for remote work.

I’ve been an active artist of IATSE Local 839 Animation Guild since 2020.

current and previous clients

Titmouse Animation Studios
Netflix Animation Studios

ai & nft disclaimer

I do not use any ai generation algorithms to create my art, and do not condone unauthorized usage of copyrighted art to train ai datasets, nor the use of ai machine learning to generate content emulating any artist’s style without knowledge or permission by that artist.

I do not mint nft’s of my work or participates in any nft projects. Any nft’s found of my art are fake and not created by me, do not buy them. (or any nft’s, ever.)


do you take commissions?

Sorry, not currently! I’m a full-time production artist and don’t have time between work and looking for more work!

can you review my portfolio?

I occasionally open up portfolio reviews on my twitter account on Portfolio Day. If you’d like me to review your portfolio, wait for a Portfolio Day and either DM me there or send me an email using the contact form above. I can’t guarantee I can get to it, but I try to if I have free time!