background design

What is Background Design? It’s the art of drawing backgrounds for animation! On a production, designers are only responsible for the drawing and scene construction part of a background. Once finished, it will be passed onto a background painter to receive full color treatment.

Scroll down to see a curated selection of my background work, or jump straight to a specific production by clicking on it below:

inside job

star trek: lower decks

the boys: diabolical

[currently in production]

man made & nature: personal work

Here’s a sampling of backgrounds of my own creation made in 2022, exemplifying my strengths as a designer exploring atypical man-made locations coexisting with nature.

netflix animation

inside job

Produced BG Designs for the Netflix Animation original adult series “Inside Job,” parts I and II. Inside Job is a modern-day workplace comedy/drama with architecturally heavy environments full of conspiracy theory satire.

Job Type: Full-Time, 2020-2021
Created by: Shion Takeuchi
Art Director: Jeffrey Thompson
BG Design Lead: Tom Eichacker

titmouse | paramount+

star trek: lower decks

Produced BG Designs for Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Lower Decks is an adult animated series following a team of four young starfleet ensigns as they start their careers at the literal bottom rungs, and prove their worth on the small but venerable USS Cerritos.

Job Type: Full-Time, 2021-2023
Created by: Mike McMahan
Art Director: Nollan Obena
BG Lead: Denny Fincke

titmouse | amazon prime

the boys: diabolical

The Boys: Diabolical is an 8-episode adult animation anthology telling stories from “The Boys” universe. I was brought on specifically for the final episode, “one plus one equals two,” in a half-visdev / half-design role, but also helped out with backgrounds several other episodes.

Below is a sampling of my work for the finale.

Job Type: Full-Time, 2021
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe, Jae Kim, Matthew Bordenave