Art & design by
Matthew Laskowski

background design portfolio

What is Background Design? It’s the art of drawing backgrounds for animation! On a production, designers are only responsible for the drawing and scene construction part of a background. Once finished, it will be passed onto a background painter to receive full color treatment.

personal work: man made & nature

Here’s a sampling of backgrounds of my own creation made in 2022, exemplifying my strengths as a designer exploring atypical man-made locations coexisting with nature.

design for adult animation

titmouse | paramount+

star trek: lower decks

Produced BG Designs for Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Lower Decks is an adult animated series following a team of four young starfleet ensigns as they start their careers at the literal bottom rungs, and prove their worth on the small but venerable USS Cerritos.

Job Type: Full-Time, 2021-2023
Created by: Mike McMahan
Art Director: Nollan Obena
BG Lead: Denny Fincke

netflix animation

inside job

Produced BG Designs for the Netflix Animation original adult series “Inside Job,” parts I and II. Inside Job is a modern-day workplace comedy/drama with architecturally heavy environments full of conspiracy theory satire.

Job Type: Full-Time, 2020-2021
Created by: Shion Takeuchi
Art Director: Jeffrey Thompson
BG Design Lead: Tom Eichacker

titmouse | amazon prime

the boys: diabolical

The Boys: Diabolical is an 8-episode adult animation anthology telling stories from “The Boys” universe. I was brought on specifically for the final episode, “one plus one equals two,” in a half-visdev / half-design role, but also helped out with backgrounds several other episodes.

Below is a sampling of my work for the finale.

Job Type: Full-Time, 2021
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe, Jae Kim, Matthew Bordenave

Other BG Design projects


bad bunny summer 2022 tour

In summer of 2022, I helped Titmouse produce on-stage screen graphics for one of Bad Bunny’s songs for his 2022 Summer Tour. This song featured anime-style backgrounds across three massive screens providing the backdrop for the performance.

Below are a selection of ultra-wide backgrounds produced for the sequence. I produced a kit of multi-layered animatable palm trees to get these BG’s finished with a fast turn-around because this entire job was only 2-weeks from start to finish. The assets were made as smart objects so that the painters would only have to color each source tree once to cover all of them at once.