Author: foxorian

  • Perspective Armature Grids

    Whenever I start a new background or illustration in Photoshop, I open a file I made for myself containing different perspective grid setups for typical 1, 2, and 3 point armatures, and duplicate the one I need into my new artwork. This is an old-school method of constructing grids using 99-point star vector-objects and free-transforms to get them wherever you need them to be. Low-tech, easy, spontaneous, free!

  • Influence Map V2

    Back in mid 2010, I created a DeviantART community meme called the Influence Map, which encouraged artists to fill in the grid with a selection of things they find have a large inspirational influence on why they do what they do. Since art is never created in a vacuum, and we are bombarded with new […]