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Pacing illustrations

My illustrations take time to make. Compared to the professional BG Design work I started doing in animation last year — which usually takes 8 hours or less to rough out a full scene — my personal work can usually take up to 40 hours to complete from start to finish, often spanned out over the course of a week. Sometimes this lengthy process is due to the fact I have a day job, sometimes it’s due to trying new techniques, sometimes it’s just because I’m exploring ideas with the artwork as I go along. Either way, working on a single piece over any span of time requires planning stages and meeting goals so each work session gets you closer to a finish.

If you’ve ever had problems working on something for longer than one day, or even one sitting, but have always wanted to make something bigger — I suggest trying to train your brain to recognize certain progress goals being met as the satisfying reward it is, and suppress the urge to overshare works-in-progress.

Here’s some insight as to how I span out my work and stay on track —-

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