Pacing illustrations

My illustrations take time to make. Compared to the professional BG Design work I started doing in animation last year — which usually takes 8 hours or less to rough out a full scene — my personal work can usually take up to 40 hours to complete from start to finish, often spanned out over the course of a week. Sometimes this lengthy process is due to the fact I have a day job, sometimes it’s due to trying new techniques, sometimes it’s just because I’m exploring ideas with the artwork as I go along. Either way, working on a single piece over any span of time requires planning stages and meeting goals so each work session gets you closer to a finish.

If you’ve ever had problems working on something for longer than one day, or even one sitting, but have always wanted to make something bigger — I suggest trying to train your brain to recognize certain progress goals being met as the satisfying reward it is, and suppress the urge to overshare works-in-progress.

Here’s some insight as to how I span out my work and stay on track —-

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Story Flow – Story Outlining Template

Clicking the image will open a google drive link.

Story Flow is a card-based template I designed for outlining a story. For those who have used Scrivener before, or enjoy writing notes on post-its to arrange story beats, this will feel natural and logical for you. The template contains help instructions and tips in the cards themselves.

Click here to copy the template from Google Drive.

If you’re new to, click “Open with Diagrams” button at the top of the Google Drive preview. You’ll have to link Diagrams with a cloud storage service of your choice, such as your own Google Drive. To use the template, duplicate the template to your own storage service where you’ll be able to freely edit it from there.

Walkman Mixtape Session 1

I made a (literal) mixtape of some of my favorite electronic, synthwave, and synthpop tracks, and recorded it off my Walkman Pro D6C for your enjoyment.

Also, yes, this is how good tape cassettes can sound. There isn’t even noise reduction being used on this tape.

All music copyright to respective owners. This is just for fun. (Please don’t sue me.)