about matt laskowski,
background designer

Plastic Shards is the creative outlet for Matt Laskowski, an illustrator living and working in Los Angeles for TV/broadcast animation as a background designer.

Matt is a professional illustrator living and working in Los Angeles, focusing on BG Design for TV/broadcast animation.

His work is characterized by his understanding of perspective, architecture, and detail, enhanced with a touch of storytelling.

Known as ‘fox-orian’ across many online platforms, Matt has been contributing learning resources for 2D artists for over a decade.

Professional Portfolio

If you’re interested in working with me professionally, check out my industry portfolio for work samples, resume, and contact info below:

contact & connect

• email: matt@plasticshards.studio


Pro Portfolio

do you take commissions

As a full-time career artist, personal requests are not currently being taken.

do you mint nft’s

Matt does not, and will not, ever offer NFT’s of his work. If an NFT of his work is ever found on an auction site, the listing is illegitimate using stolen artwork. If found, please report any listings to Matt and/or the auction sites hosting them.

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