August 2020

Story Flow – Story Outlining Template

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Story Flow is a card-based template I designed for outlining a story. For those who have used Scrivener before, or enjoy writing notes on post-its to arrange story beats, this will feel natural and logical for you. The template contains help instructions and tips in the cards themselves.

Click here to copy the template from Google Drive.

If you’re new to, click “Open with Diagrams” button at the top of the Google Drive preview. You’ll have to link Diagrams with a cloud storage service of your choice, such as your own Google Drive. To use the template, duplicate the template to your own storage service where you’ll be able to freely edit it from there.

Affordable DIY Digital Art PC: WFH Summer 2020

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The most important tool-of-the-trade for a digital artist is of course your computer itself. I don’t need to go over the situation here in 2020 with you — a computer isn’t a cheap investment given current events, but for whatever reason, many of us may need a new computer to do work reliably especially now that we’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future (well into 2021.) The good news is that the goal of this article is to try to build you a solidly working desktop computer perfect for applications like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint for as little cost as I can find without cheaping out on ALL quality/reliability. A tool like this should be fast and reliable, but I don’t believe it has to cost $1200 to get what you need We’re gonna aim for half that if possible.

I’m going to begin this guide under the assumption you may be new to building a DIY computer. So let’s take a moment and talk about it.

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